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Name:Lestat de Lioncourt
Lestat is the seventh son of the Marquis d'Auvergne and was born in Auvergne, France in a castle belonging to his ancestors. Despite his apparent highborn background he grew up in relative poverty: his ancestors squandered the family riches, and being the youngest in the family, he stood to inherit nothing.

Perhaps the most pivotal moment in his life was when he was nearly killed by a pack of wolves he was hunting in mountains surrounding Auvergne. He returned home a different person, determined to follow his own path.

After leaving his family, Lestat became an actor in Paris. During a performance, he attracted the attention of an ancient vampire named Magnus, who abducted and held him prisoner. Finding Lestat "a worthy heir," Magnus made him a vampire. However, Magnus, weary of life, committed suicide soon after by throwing himself on a huge bonfire, leaving Lestat to fend for himself without any kind of guidance. Lestat found himself heir to nearly inexhaustible wealth, and began an adventure that led him all around the world.

Throughout his long life, Lestat was plagued by common philosophical questions, such as "Are my actions good or bad? "Is there a God?", "Am I in His Plan?", "What happens after death?", "What makes a person happy?" He found himself more in love with humanity than ever before, even if his relationship with mankind was savage. He saw life as "the Savage Garden", filled with beauty and death.

In the space of only a few centuries, Lestat became one of the most powerful of all vampires, surpassed only by the most ancient ones who age in the millennia. This was in part because the blood he received from Magnus, one such ancient, was incredibly powerful, and because he had a relationship with the vampire queen Akasha. Because of his boldness, Lestat's seniors referred to him affectionately as 'the Brat Prince', a title of which he was very fond. He was very vain and concerned with fashion, and would pause mid-narrative to remind the reader what he was wearing. Sexually ambiguous, he was attracted to whomever most interested him at the time, regardless of their sex. Most of his early experiences were with male companions. He, himself, explained this by saying the women in previous centuries simply weren't that interesting.

One such male companion was Louis de Pointe du Lac, a young Creole aristocrat from New Orleans whom Lestat turned into a vampire in the 18th century and with whom he would live, travel and kill for centuries to come. Though Louis claimed that Lestat made him into a vampire because Lestat merely wanted his plantation, Lestat refutes these claims in his own book and says it was rather because he fell "fatally in love" with Louis. Their relationship started badly on mistrust on half-truths, though Lestat gradually came to regard his friend as a kind of soulmate, albeit one who often resisted his "teachings" on killing and living life as a vampire. There was a certain element of sexual attraction implicit in their relationship, but whether it was actually consummated is a matter of debate.


[Information taken from here. Also this does not gain any profit. This journal is merely for play and nothing more. My Lestat is also portrayed by Tom Cruise and not Stuart Townsend but is from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. Age Disclaimer: Muse and mun 18+]
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